Design project

Work on project design based on three stages

Stage 1

Departure to the object and measurements
Several variants of re-planning with furniture arrangement (2-3 variants) development and adjustment of the chosen option with the client.

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Stage 2

Matching the concept and the interior stylistics with the customer. Photorealistic 3D visualization of the interior creation (3-4 perspectives of each room).

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Stage 3

Project documentation accomplishment and material specification.
(The work drawings set is an integral part of the quality reconditioning. Plumbing equipment location plans, electrical terminals, etc. help to avoid mistakes and mis understandings during repairs.

Composition of work drawings

  1. Plan of measurements (present state of building)
  2. Plan of dismantlement and installation of walls and partitions
  3. Plan of furniture layout with dwelling space indication after redevelopment
  4. Plan of plumbing devices arrangement
  5. Plan of floor heating and heating radiators location
  6. Plan of ceilings
  7. Plan of lighting devices arrangement
  8. Plan of switches arrangement
  9. Plan of electrical and television sockets, intercom and electrical outlets placement
  10. Plan of the floor layout with the type of cover and the tile layout way
  11. Plan of baseboards arrangement
  12. Walls layout of each room with decorating materials specification
  13. Bathrooms walls cover and bathtubs with a tile layout
  14. Decoration materials specification
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